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Buying a Horse - The Basic Checklist

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  1. Temperament

    Quiet 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 Spirited

    2.   Time

             How much free time do you have per week? ____hrs

             How much time does the horse require per week? ____hrs

    3.   Budget

            How much can you spend on the horse per month? $____

            How much does the horse cost per month?$____

    4.    Goals

            What do you plan to do with the horse?_____________________

            What is the horse trained to do?___________________________

    5.    Size of horse:____hands

    6.    Gender of horse:_______________

    7.    Color of horse:________________

    8.    Age of horse:__________________

    9.    Any Vices?___________________ Can you live with those vices? ______

    10.    What level riders have ridden the horse?_______________________

    11.    How much work is the horse used to?___________________________

    12.    Why is the owner selling the horse?_____________________________

    13.    Does the horse cross tie?___________________

    14.    Does the horse load and trailer well?_______________

    15.    Does the horse clip?________________

    16.    Does the horse stand for the farrier?___________________

    17.    Any shoeing problems?___________________________________

    18.    Any leg problems?____________________________________

    19.    Any history of lameness?_______________________________

    20.    Does the horse have any quirks?________________________

    21.    Any mouth or teeth problems?________________________

    22.    Does the horse have good ground manners?____________________

    23.    Does the horse like other horses?________________________

    24.    Will the horse leave the herd?________________________

    25.    Is the horse stabled? ____________________________

    26.    Does the horse get turnout?_________________________


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