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These graphics were given to us by friends.  Some of them have unknown origins, if you have or know someone who has rights to these graphics please e-mail us at and we will either take them down or give proper credit immediately.  Other than that please feel free to use these graphics on your own pages, but do not link to them, please right click and save the image to your own computer or transload if you have WebTV.  If you have an equestrian graphic you'd like to add to this site please e-mail it to us!

Mare and Foal Tapestry

Cartoon Trot 

Background Teal Horseshoe

Background Blue Horseshoe

Background Pink Horseshoe

Background Beige Horseshoe

Background Purple Horseshoe

Sunset Arabian

Bit Line

Galloping Blue Horse

Western Boots

Cantering Grey Horse

Mare and Foal Trot

Clear Galloping Horse

Bay Galloping Horse

Silver Horse Portrait


Grey Horse Trotting

Red Cantering Icon

Nag Grazing Right

Nag Grazing Left

Star Trails

Cartoon Nag

Trot in Motion


Flying Pegasus

Flying Pegasus Small

Horses Racing

Cartoon Horse Running

Cartoon Horse Moving

Rotating Horseshoe

Blue Knight


Flying Unicorn

Horse Walking


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