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Barrel Racing Gymkhana Rescue
CT and Eventing Halter Horses Saddle Seat
Cutting  Harness Racing Search and Rescue
Diving  Hunter Jumper Side Saddle
Dressage Packing Team Penning
Drill Team Performance Team Roping
Driving Pleasure Therapeutic Riding
Endurance Riding Polo Trail Riding
Foxhunting Racing
Gaited Horses Reining

Barrel Racing

For any riders interested in the discussion of barrel racing or other speed events such as poles or gaming. A place to give and recive advice and tips.

Barrel Horses Online is a place were you or your friends can learn about, talk about, and be apart of barrel racing and much more.

Calling all Barrel Racers!! This is a new mailing list that was started on 4/3/99, and is designed so that you can meet other barrel racers, exchange ideas, get advice on training/showing, and just to talk about and learn more about the exciting, fast paced world of barrel racing!

Looking for rookie riders or pros to share stories with and to give tips to a cowgirls and boys alike who just wanna ride !:)

Combined Training and Eventing

Forum on Combine Training and Eventing

A list for eventing enthusiasts world wide!! Come and talk to people about your eventing experiences, and much more!!

Eventing ,Combined Training


This list was made for the discution of cutting horses. Share tips, funny stories, whatever! Just please try and keep the language clean. Also, check out the National Cutting Horse Association website at Happy cutting!


The diving horse list we will talk about diving horses. We will talk about how you feel about it, such as, if you think it is cruel or not. We can talk about the movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken which is about a diving girl named Sonora Webster. We can also talk about anything that has to do with horses.


An open forum for the discussion of topics related to the training, history, and preservation of the art of Classical Dressage. Philosophical as well as technical discussion welcome and encouraged. This is a friendly forum and inappropriate behaviour may be cause for removal and/or ban from list. Open minds and open discussion encouraged. Absolutely NO FLAMING tolerated. Absolutely no off-topic discussion tolerated. However, off-topic discussion is welcome and encouraged at our sister list, ... more

an announcement vehicle for upcoming dressage clinics and reactions to previously attended clinics

a list for dressage enthusiasts of more mature years - at least 30+, from beginners through to advanced. To share knowledge and experiences with other like minded fools!e

This list is for Dressage enthusiasts (and eventers) under 21 years of age. Dressage is the main topic, but anything horse related is all right. If U are into dressage and want some fellow equine enthusiasts your age to chat with, join DressageHorse_Jr!!

A disscussion on Dressage Training

A classified sales/wanted list of only Dressage trained Warmblood horses of all levels. For those seeking to purchase/lease/sell horses that have been traditionally bred for the demands of dressage. Belgian,Dutch,Hanoverian,Holsteiner,Swedish,Trake-hner,Selle Francais,Oldenburg,Westphalian breeding

This place is for anyone to talk and ask questions about dressage problems you may be having.

PDIA - moderated - restricted
Professional Dressage Instructors Association Our purpose is to bring together those that have the instruction of riders and the training of horses in dressage as their profession, and to strengthen their position as professionals in the equestrian community; thereby furthering the sport of horsebackriding in general by developing the knowledge about horses and their education in a serious and correct manner. The association shall work to provide mutual support for its members and to act as a ... more

Drill Team

For anyone who is interested in Mounted Drill Team. It is for current team members as well as those who would like to start a team or are thinking of joining a team. The list is open to beginning and advanced riders and we will be discussing all aspects of mounted drill team. We will cover patterns, routines, music, event performance, parade drilling, competition, team structure, etc. It is my hope the list will serve as a learning experience and support system for the members. Additionally we ...

drillriders - restricted
To disseminate, discuss and reciprocate ideas in a POSITIVE manner concerning the sport of equestrian drill teams. This list is managed by the premiere drill team show association that sponsors clinics and competitions nationally for the North American continent and internationally. Support services are available for member teams and state drill team associations.

This mailing list will be used to inform members of the TROT drill team about upcoming performances, etc.

FLAGRIDERS - restricted
A forum for the discussion of mounted drill team work. This will provide a much needed exchange of ideas for the many drill teams located across the nation. Visit the FLAGRIDERS webpage for more information.

Cascade Sweethearts Mounted Drill Team. We practice Thursday nights in Albany Oregon, at the Linn County Fairgrounds. This group of women, ages 21 and older have been together for many years. We perform a precision drill to music, for the entertainment of Rodeo fans all across Oregon.


This list is for practitioners of the sport of combined driving. It is intended to provide a venue to discuss all aspects from Marathone to dressage and cones. Questions, sugestions and classifieds for Driving Horses and equipment is encouraged... Most everyone has sought help or offered help to newcomers to the sport. This forum is also an appropriate place to share Cde successes and perspective for those who could not attend a particular event.

A discussion on Driving and Driving equipment events

This is a list for people who drive horses, ponies, mules, hinnies, ect, or would like to find out more about it. We'd love to hear about your driving experiences.

Are you working by yourself to train your pony to drive? This is the place for you. Hopefully we will be able to help each other with ideas and problems. I have trained four ponies during the last 20 years and I'm now working with a yearling shetland gelding. I have put a 17 and up rating on this list because I don't feel younger children should work by theirselves to train a pony. list owner

SADS - moderated - restricted
To promote and support recreational and competitive carriage driving in the San Antonio area and to distribute information to members of the San Antonio Driving Society.

This list is for serious practitioners of the sport of combined driving. It is intended to provide a venue to discuss all aspects from Marathone to dressage and cones. Questions, sugestions and classifieds for Driving Horses and equipment is encouraged... Most everyone has sought help or offered help to newcomers to the sport. This forum is also an appropriate place to share Cde successes and perspective for those who could not attend a particular event.

Endurance Riding

for people interested in endurance, limited distance, and competitive trail riding

This is a site for ALL endurance riders, crews and others which are interested! There will be discussions on all things endurance, equine and horse health! Come and join..... you won't regret it!

FCET_MiT_BoH - restricted
This is the new and improved official mailing list for members of the Fish Creek Endurance Team, the Men in Tights Endurance Team,and the Boobs on Hooves Endurance Team!! We'll be discussing our various team stratedgies and sharing our ride stories! Subscribe today!!

This is a mailing list for junior riders that enjoy trail riding and endurance. You don't have to have done endurance or be an experienced rider to join here - you just need to like trail riding and be a junior (under 18 yrs old). You also need to love horses! :-)

PacNorthSupport - restricted
Pacific North International Endurance Team is a team of equine endurance riders. The Pacific North region includes all of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. The purpose of this list is to create a common link and provide a forum for the loyal supporters of the team to discuss matters pertinent to the Pacific North Squad. This list was created by the Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders-Pacific North Support Committee.

PNER - restricted
The purpose of this list is to unite PNER (Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides) members in an interesting and entertaining forum.

TADRA - restricted
Texas Arabian Distance Riders forum to discuss upcoming events, work days or other related issues.

Discussion on International Endurance Riding Competition. Questions/Answers to and from USA East riders/members about USA East..what we do, who we are, how you can help and how to learn about riding endurance Internationally.

A chance for crews/riders/wanna be endurance riders to meet and discuss the things they all have in common...... horses and endurance ( this site is fun and friendly!)


A list open to discussion on the preservation of our sport - foxhunting. Subscribers may post information regarding hunt horses and equipment for sale, and upcoming events.

Gaited Horses

Flatwalk - restricted
Flatwalk is an open forum for gaited horse people to discuss issues regarding Walking Horses, Racking Horses, Spotted Horses or any other gaited horse.

gaited-trailriders - moderated
A list for trail riders who ride gaited horses. These riders can hopefully contribute information on trails in all areas of the US and other countries as well as any other trail riding contributions that may be helpful.

This list will serve as a chat and training forum, with emphasis on natural training, for owners of Gaited Horses such as Missouri Fox Trotters, Tennessee Walkers, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos, Saddlebreds, Icelandics, Rocky Mountains, Kentucky Mountains, Racking Horses, and other gaited horses/ponies

A list dedicated to racking horses, but all other gaited breeds welcome!!!!

This list is for folks that like to breed, ride and show the walking bred racking horse. It is a place to share what is happening on the breeder's show circuit, RHBA. Inquiries about registration, etc. List owner is a certified RHBA commissioner. Safe for children. Harrassing not allowed. A good place to post horses and show items for sale or trade.

Gaited horses, Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle horses, I breed and sell the most beautful gated horses, I have a real nice Triple Threat stallion, and a few of his foals on the ground, he has even put a running walk on his half arab foal.


This is a user list dedicated to those of us who Barrel Race and ride in Gymkhana's... It's for breeders, speed racers, and anyone who is interested in Games on Horseback... We will have discussion boards and helpful hints and other stuff that will help you out in making the best times possible in Gymkhana or Barrel Racing events...!

Halter Horses

This list is designed for anyone with an interest in halter horses. Fitting, training, showing, feeding, and all related topics are welcome for discussion. Every type of horses, from Impressive-breds to Arabs, are encouraged to join

halter_horses - moderated - restricted
This list is not associated in any way, shape or form with the other Halter list that is listed just above this one, but is for members of the website: only. Dedicated to the promotion (not demotion) of Halter Horses. We feature top trainers, such as Roy Donn, Luke Castle, Kathy Smallwood, Laurie Takoff and Carl Brown, as moderators on this list. Our website also features free text only classifieds, plus advertising and a Members Only area with a live ChatRoom. Please make ...

Harness Racing

This list is for persons interested in harness racing, primarily miniature horse harness racing. This sport is fairly new and there is a registry for the industry called International Miniature Trotting & Pacing Assoc.,inc.(IMTPA); home office located in Texas. KY,NC,Fla and Texas have tracks and are involved in this amateure sport. A new breed of horse was developed to enhance the miniature horse's athletic ability by crossing the Standardbred/Trottingbred breed with the miniature breed and the ...

Keep informed on current news, info, events, issues in Harness Racing. Discuss news as it relates to Standardbred horses and harness racing. News will be sent to you if you subscribe on a frequent basis; we suggest digest form to subscribers. A way to keep up with harness racing without trying to access several different websites each day! Only harness racing related.

Mi-harness - restricted
Standard bred racing in Michigan, Horseman, Officials, Fans, Breeders, Handicappers. One and all that have an interest is Standardbred racing or it's related activities. Please Note, Some people call this Harness Racing.

A group bringing harness horse owners and trainers together. For anyone interested in the sport of harness race horsing.

Hunter Jumper

This list is for anyonw who loves jumping. For kids, adults, beginers, advanced, trainers and those looking for a few good ideas. For questions or comments. Get help. Share stories

OverTheFence - restricted
This is a place for horse-crazed teens [hs] to come and chat about horses (whether or not you own one). We chat about all sorts of topics; breeds, clubs, health, horse careers, barns/stalls/bedding, riding, training, grooming/bathing, tack, trailering, showing, rescues and organizations, foals/ponies/horses, Breyers, english or western, all disciplines, and just horses in general!! Learn facts! Whatever and everything. Questions welcome. =)

Showjumping - restricted
For anyone who loves showjumping, begginners or experienced.

HEJml - restricted
Hello everyone and welcome to the Hunter~Equitation~Jumper mailing list...otherwise fondly known as HEJ or HEJml. This is a mailing list for people who are involved in the showing of horses in hunters, equitation, and jumpers, mostly on the "A" circuit, to discuss any topic they wish...not neccessarily about horses, but movies, music, and life in general also. Unfortunately, this is a highly restricted list and will be monitored closely. You must be approved before joining. If you are not ...

This list gives an inside look at the hunter show ring. We will discuss everything from hunter under saddle to jumpers to hunter paces and everything in between. Training tips welcomed also any questions pertaining to the hunter horse or training them. Any one welcome.

This is a lightly moderated mailing list for those interested in breeding, raising, owning, training, riding or competing Hunter Jumpers.. It is not meant as a medium for advertising stallions at stud or breeding stock, foals or riding horses for sale. Announment of forthcoming events or recent successes will be welcomed as these are regarded as informational in content.

hunterjumpers - moderated
Everything about hunters and jumpers: Horses wanted, horses for sale, questions about horses and horseshowing, riding and horse training and care answered by AHSA judge.

To allow all horse lovers interested in, showing in, and the training of: Hunters, Jumpers, and Hunt Seat Equitation riders. Everyone is welcome! Topics include training, showing, riding, judging, tack, horse care, and anthing else involving Hunter, Jumper and Equitation horses and riders.

Are you a junior hunter/jumper rider? Then this list is definitely for you! If you are interested in any of the following, be sure to sign up! Possible Topics: -Need a new saddle? Ask questions to find out what saddle is right for you--and maybe you'll even find a used one! -Having a problem when you're riding? Horse won't pick up the left canter lead? Trainer making you feel bad? Get help with riding problems here! -Want to meet friends from all over the world that ride hunter/jumpers and are ...

For all those who love jumping - hunters & jumpers Info on training techniques, training equipment, conditioning, feeding, showing, injuries, equitation, buying, selling, problems, shows, clinics .... if you need help or can give help join us.


Discussion of horse and mule packing. Camping, overnight trail rides, outfitters, equipment, knots, gear, experiences. Discussions but no flaming and no SPAM. Ads for equipment and pack animals allowed. Photos can be posted to Shared Files area.

Packing in with horses/mules, information on Gentle use/ Leave no trace techniques for equestrians. Basic packing skills for stock users.

Performance Horses

AllAroundPerformance - restricted
This list is for the exchange of ideas and information for people who still believe in the All Around Performance Horse. I want to talk to people who condition and show their horses in halter, pleasure and performance events such as reining, barrels, etc. This is also for the non show person who wants to learn/teach more about conditioning their equine athletes.

Reining, cutting, working cowhorse! All performance horse topics


pleasure-horse - restricted
Pleasure-Horse E-Mail List for National Snaffle Bit Assocation, serious western pleasure, hunter under saddle, pleasure driving and longe line enthustants to discuss the facts on all facets of the pleasure horse industry, updates and share information.! Come and join whether you are into AQHA, APHA, ApHC, or NSBA. We discuss the Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Longe Line, and National Snaffle Bit Assocation issues! Lets not forget your assocation's pleasure industry! Please visit our web

This list is about the correct riding, training methods for Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, and Hunter Hack as they pertain to breed shows. This list can also include Pleasure Driving information etc. This list is not limited to discussion about the breeding, training, riding or showing of the aforementioned types of horses. Please follow the rules and make this an enjoyable place for everyone. Flaming will not be tolerated, but thoughtful heated discussion that does


This list is for people who own or train Polo ponies, play, are fans of, or want to know more about Polo. This is not tame waterpolo, this is the rough and tumble sport of Equine Polo! This is the only list on Polo that I have found so saddle up and lets play! By the way, when you join, please send an introduction to the list. It's no fun if you don't play


Dedicated to the training, owning , breeding and appreciation of race horses of all breeds, for the novice horseman as well as the experienced. Discuss training problems and techniques, finding a trainer, tracks, anything associated with life on the backside.

sportofkings - announcement
Dedicated to the worldwide interests of thoroughbred racing and breeding.

this is a list for the people out their who like fast horses. if you own a hot-blooded horse or happen to own a fast horse this list os for you. if you have a TB or a QH and would like to race is this list is for you. even if you don't have a horse or a fast horse but like fast horses this list is fo you. if your into racing or the pure fun or ridding a fast hore please subscribe


For an exchange of ideas, techniques and support of using the principles of natural horsemanship in training, riding and showing reining horses

For everyone involved with or interested in the sport of REINING. Everyone from the top professionals to the spectator are welcome to join. Discuss style, training, breeding, showing and everything else related to REINING.

This is a list for horse owners in the reining horse industry. It is also for anyone interested in horses who would like to know more about reining



Dedicated to finding "unwated-kill pen" horses a home. Located in Central Massachusetts on 100+ acre farm. All are welcomed, ponies, problem, older, unwated, out-grown horses. Each are found a good and loving home. To place a horse in our barn or to look for one that is just right for YOU. Trainer on staff to assist you.

A_NewLease_OnLife - moderated
A place for people to list SHOW HORSES that need a lighter life, or can no longer do the job required, or have any or other problems, or are no longer wanted or needed, or are looking for a new home. This is not a rescue, placement facility, dealer, etc. I am a private 1 owner small barn specializing in giving people a permanent home w/ me.l

This list is for those who are tired of thinking about horse rescue and really want to get involved. We are going to start one horse at a time. I have the property and facility. I have the experience, the vet and the slaughter cuation around the corner. Help me save even just one. We will take donations and when we have enough will scour the auction and save a horse. You should see some of these horses going to slaughter. It is sad. We can help. You and me together. I will post pics and progress ... more

MOJAVE DESERT BURROS RESCUED: NEED QUALIFIED, LOVING HOMES. Presently at Cleveland Amorys Black Beauty Ranch in Texas (Ranch of Dreams) email: precious pets/ideal guard animals Cost: $75 each plus transportation. Suggest buying 2 or more.

Connecticut is just organizing a non profit organization for the rescue of equines that would otherwise be going to slaughter. we need all kinds of help and info to get this moving asap. if there is anyone in the legal proffession that can help us, or anyone who has items to donate to us, or would like to get involved as a volunteer, please let us know, we need all the help we can get.

This list was created to form a network of people who want to help horses in need. Postings of horse sales, horses for sale who are needy, horses in general who are in need, homes willing to take in horses, etc. This list has nothing to do with the Colorado Horse Rescue. This is just a network for people in Colorado who want to help horses in need in the state.

This list is to help save donkeys, mules, burros from abuse, neglect and slaughter. It is educational as well as informative. Exchanging views and experiences is welcomed. Utimately creating a healthy and happy life for the donkey is our goal.

EquineAbuseNet - restricted
EquineAbuseNet is the List for those interested in helping to form a comprehensive definition of Equine Abuse/Neglect which encompasses the "other than obvious". Hopefully, the list will include Equine Professionals who are, or have been, involved in Rescue/Rehab, Enforcement Officers, Rescue Groups, and others who have an interest in forming a National Group aimed at developing a "Mentor Program" for the Education of New Horse- Owners, and Law Makers, inclusive of the developement of ... more

Equine Rescue is for all those involved with or are interested in learning about Equine Rescue. There are various means to rescue horses and many different issues, which can get very heated. This list will allow people to talk about things that are not allowed on many list, but I will tolerate no personal attacks on any person involved. If it gets personal I will ask that you take it to private email . The list will be about many things equine, all of which are related to helping equines.

A support list for those interested in rescueing, buying from auctions and adopting horses. This is a support list. Any vaild horse related discussion allowed. Keep it clean and no flamming please. We are all on the same side here. Share with us horses you have for sale or adoption or stories about rescues.

This list is designed to educate horse lovers on the true cruelties in our horse crazy country. Started by SHARE Slaughter Horses Adoption & Rescue Effort

lser - restricted
This email list is designated for members of the Lone Star Equine Rescue only. It is for discussing rescue business and horses that are up for adoption. For info on joining LSER, email

Mares Nest Rehabilitation Center, Inc. has several horses available for adoption. These animals are quality and registered. Available: Prince of Power: Sorrel/Overo stallion 2 years old with blue eyes, green broke. Great prospect. Leo Man Go: Black/white tobovero stallion 2 years old under saddle now and working well. 15.2 hands and great prospect. Quiet Riot: Sorrel/white tobiano filly, 16 months old and will be very large. Sweet. 12th. at Paint-O-Rama futurity in Florida. Docs Metallica: AQHA ... more

A list to disucss equine rescue needs in Missouri.

For those in or around New Mexico to network and talk about rescues. Horses for adoption, rescue groups, auctions, feedlots, slaughter, horses in need, anything and everything is welcome as long as it pertains to rescue. Constructive debates welcome; flaming and obnoxious behavior won't be tolerated. When you join please send an email introducing yourself. If you know of an event that is horse related in New Mexico we'd be happy to add it to our calender.

Open to users everywhere, but main focus is to network rescues which are in the NorthEastern United States. List open to discuss all horse rescue related issues, including but not limited to, rehabbed rescue horses up for adoption, people looking for horses to rescue/adopt, upcoming livestock auctions, foster homes for rescue horses and of course, a place for persons involved or just interested in horse rescue to exchange thoughts, questions and info.

Email ecxhange for folks interested in Horse Rescue in Ohio.

rescuechitchat - restricted
To discuss horse rescue, horses, and a friendly list for all. A list to recreate the friendships that once were about horses. Open for all topics of discussion.

Looking for any persons concerned with animal abuse prevention. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of horses otherwise bound for slaughter or Premarin Farms. We are attempting to educate the public about the atrocities of these industries and the natural, effective alternative to Premarin (estrogen). We want to reach the 10 million American Women currently taking estrogen, as well as, any women who suffer from PMS. Through the use of progesterone cream, we can provide

Equine rescue, a place where your beloved horse can find a new beginning, but only with your help may we provide the best loving care possible. Please let us know if you are able to help by voluntering your time, used/new building materials, feed or contributions. We are open for your inspection and visitation. We have a number of horses who have found a place to retire because of a resposible caring horse owner's inability to continue to care for their beloved companion on their own. We charge

This list will discuss all phases of rescue, treatments, and handling of abused, neglected or wild horses. We welcome your insights and advice! All forms of encouragement, sympathy, opinions (put NICELY) are also welcome. Related threads and chat are encouraged...makes people think, and that's what we're after here!Items for sale may be posted if they meet the following guidelines: Are a rescued or at risk equine, homemade items of horse relation, and services if they pertain to and are relevant

Providing a forum to post information on horses needing new homes or rescue efforts, particularly focusing on TB racehorses across the US. Also discussing efforts of current "rescue missions," and rescue organizations.

talatat - moderated - restricted
Talatat Park Stud and Equine rescue centre....this list is to recieve an informative newsletter once a month with articles on horse care, puzzles, horses and horse gear for sale, breeding information, book and web site reviews and much more...if it has to do with horses it will eventually appear in this newsletter. for more information check out

This is a list for anyone that would like to talk about horse rescue.If anyone has to find a home for there horse or would like to adopted a horse please feel free to post it here.Not all horses are free on this list.

To discuss issues concerning equine rescue, welfare, and care particularly in Texas and the surrounding states.



Saddle Seat

This is a forum especially created for Saddle Seat equestrians, riders, trainers, and instructors. My area of expertise is with the American Saddlebred, though I've ridden and showed Morgans and Arabians. Related topics might include the sharing of different riding, training, and teaching techniques, as well how we can continue to promote our very special style equestrianship. Please, no flaming or spamming.

This list is set up for those who ride saddleseat to talk about their chosen discipline


This list is for the purpose of advertising saddle seat apparel and equipment for sale or trade including walking horse equipment. Saddles, harness, carts and clothing are included. No horse ads please.

This list is for anyone who loves Saddle Seat riding! Whether you ride Saddlebreds, National Show Horses, Morgans or whatever else, this is the only list for you!

This list is for people interested in saddleseat riding, with an all-breed focus. Owners of Arabian, Half-Arab, Morgan, NSH, Saddlebred, Walker, Andalusian or any other breed that they ride in a cutback should enjoy this list. Anyone curious about saddleseat riding is very welcome to join! Good manners and good attitudes please. One MANDATORY requirement - you must be willing to at least introduce yourself to the list. We need active members.

Search and Rescue
This is a list for people who participate or want to find out more information about doing search and rescue on horseback. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it is assisting law or emergency personnel in times of need to locate missing persons, animals, etc. There are lots of dog organizations who do this type of rescue work and some horse organizations. This is just a place for everyone to chat and discuss how they operate and the training required, as well as give tips to newcomers ...

Side Saddle

This list is for anyone wishing to learn more about sidesaddle, sell sidesaddles or related equipment, give sidesaddle riding tips to others, or discuss anything related to sidesaddle riding.

Team Penning

Team Penning individuals, teams and spectators are welcome to join. Let's talk about this fast growing sport. Pro's and non-pro's, share your experiences, ideas and tips with other Team Penners.

Team Roping


Therapeutic Riding

Communication and networking for those involved with therapeutic riding, especially those in Region 3 (NC,SC,VA,WV).

This mailing list is dedicated to keeping volunteers at Patchwork Therapeutic Riding Center up to date on new issues and activities. Subject material should be related to situations at the farm only, please.

This is a list for volunteers in the Personal Ponies, Ltd program and for those interested in the program. Personal Ponies provides Miniature Shetland Ponies to disabled and terminally ill children completely without charge. They are literally "gift horses" for special needs kids.

This list is geared for people either actively involved with Therapeutic Riding as a volunteer, riding instructor or disablede rider. I would hope that you will take the time to join the list and to share your ideas and thoughts. There are many opportunities to ride for disabled individuals, both physically and cognitively impaired. Volunteers are needed at riding centers throughout the country. This list will be used to discuss methods, to discuss competition opportunities, to discuss getting a

A list for horse riders with disabilties.

Therapeutic Riding in NARHA Region IV (OH, IN, KY, MI and Ontario) - how to subscribe to therapeutic riding information mailing list for NARHA Region IV (OH, IN, KY, MI (US) and Ontario (Canada))

Trail Riding

This is a mailing list for those people who enjoy trailriding on horseback. We consider ourselves to be on a cyber ride. It is open to anyone who wants to discuss horses, places to ride & horsecamp, horse health & training,care, and horsecamper healthcare. We have people who show and many who do not. Endurance, trail trials and horse rescue are some of our interests. We sometimes get off topic (horses) but it is our love of horses that has brought us together and keeps us together. You are most

A list for people who enjoy trail riding

Would like to talk to other trail riders and learn of good places to go and trail ride in canada and US. Have done some travelling with my horse in can. and US. I am now retired and would like to do some more travelling with my horses. I have a registered quarter horse, german warmblood, and a canadian sport horse, plus a pony. Hope to hear from other horsey people.

This is a list for Older than Average trailriders. Looking for riding partners in any corner of the US. I am a school teacher and have wonderful summers off. I would love to meet and make friends with other "mature" riders. You know the ones with artharitis in the knees and joints. Sandy

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