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Alabama Horse
This is a list to help horse enthusiasts in Alabama get to know each other a little better. It is a friendly forum to discuss trainging, shows, trail riding, just anything horsey. A place to meet new riding friends and learn new things.


A mailing list of activities, shows, and trails relating to Alabama. The mailing list is also an outlet for information of the Alabama Horse Council, newsletters, equine law updates, and Alabama Horse Fair schedules. Visit us at Please no commercial advertisement.


This list intends to bring horse people from Alabama together. We need to be more in touch with one another and I hope this list will build a network of horse enthousiasts. The breed of horse people are interested does'nt matter as much as the overall common interest. There is much to be discussed and ideas exchanged on a general topic such as feeding, veterinary care, blacksmith, equine dentists and other links. I hope you will join the list, so we can advance more in the horse industry in Alabama.


Alberta Equine

Alberta is horse country. We have more horses per capita than any other province. brings together the Alberta equine community, promoting it across Canada and around the world. This list will provide updates and announcements regarding and give listers a chance to meet other equestrians from across the province.
For more information:

Alberta Horse

The Alberta Horse mailing list is for any and all horse owners and/or horse lovers in or around the province of Alberta, Canada. Alberta has a huge concentration of horses and horse related businesses and it's about time we had a mailing list to keep in touch! Got a show to advertise or a horse for sale? Sign up now! From Quarter Horses to Warmbloods... all are welcome! Promote your horses and/or your horse related business on our website!
For more information:


Arizona Equine - moderated
For listing of horses & horse related equipment for sale in Arizona. By continuing to subscribe to and/or read the Arizona Equine (aka AzEquine) mailing list, you agree to hold the Listowner harmless for any goods, services, animals,etc acquired through the list. Listowner is unable to personally screen animals, services, etc and recommends that you seek the advice of trusted professionals before any purchase.

Arizona Horses
A list for Arizona horse people to get together and talk horses. All breeds (including longears) and disciplines welcome.

Arizona Miniature Horses - restricted
Welcome to the Arizon a miniature horse list, maintained by Lost Spoke Ranch. If you would like to meet a nice group of mini folks, right here in our great state of Arizona, you have come to the right place! Drop us a note and introduce yourself so we can get to know you better. Welcome and happy mini trails to you from us in Arizona! Best regards, Dawn Thompson List Owner Lost Spoke Miniature Horses & CastleRock Kennels Web Page:

equines is a mailing list for Horses Under the Sun, a website for Arizona horse people. The URL for Horses Under the Sun is

British Columbia

Discussion group for horsie people in the province of BC, sales lists permitted, as well as anything else of interest to us horse junkies. . No flaming tolerated

A discussion forum for all the ins and outs of owning, training, and riding horses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Everything from the best places to trail ride or show, to favorite vets, trainers, and farriers. What's the most horse trailer friendly way to get from one place to another? Who's the best person at fitting saddles or floating teeth? This is the place to ask those questions and get answers from other local equestrians.

This list is for anyone involved in riding, showing, owning, traing, breeding, etc. of Arabian horses especially in California. It will be informative, with tips and tricks used in the showring and off. Also listings for current "Arabian" events and shows.

This is a mailing list for all Northern California (north coast) Dressage members. Anyone interested in horse shows or general dressage information around Eureka, Ca. is invited to join also.

Colorado Arabian Horse Owners list is for owners and admirers of Arabians who want a place to chat, discuss equine activities in the state, IAHA/Registry issues, training, showing, and sharing some brags on our horses. Any Arabian enthusiast is welcome. This is a friendly place to gather and chat.

This list is for the horse lovers of Colorado! Do you own a horse or two? Would you LIKE to own a horse or two? Take riding lessons? Need to find a horse to lease? This list is for any and all polite discussion of horses! The list itself is not moderated, but if you post something obviously inappropriate, you may be moderated and/or removed from the list. (With a warning, of course.) Come, chat about horses! :)


HI i am the president of a youth group in connecticut and i am 15. MY name is Danielle Jackson and the head leader of the group and originator is Eileen Hunter. We thought it was pretty cool if we could start a youth group online, so here we are. If any child or adult is interested in joing the group the more the merrier. We can talk about everything in everything, and share ideas. Join and let your friends know about us and tell them to join!!! until later

CTyouthgroups - announcement
I am a 15 year old female who is president of a Youth Group. I help kids of all ages who are horse lovers try to get closer to those animals that they adore. If any one has any stories or anything that kids or adults will be interested in please contact me!

NYUCRegion - restricted
This is the Regional e-mail Mailing List for all Pony Clubbers, recent Grads, Officers, and Volunteers in the New York/Upper Connecticut Region, United States Pony Clubs, Inc. This list is used to get important news to members and volunteers quickly, to discuss Pony Club-related topics, to ask (and suggest possible answers to) questions, and so forth. Want to publicize a forthcoming activity by your club? Here's a good place to do it! Our Nationals teams found the list useful for rounding up ... more


CentralFloridaApHC - restricted
This electronic mail list is maintained for the exclusive purpose of sharing information regarding the Central Florida Appaloosa Horse Club. Posting information is restricted to Club activities, or information of interest to Club members.

This mailing list is designed for Florida horse people. Anyone in FL (or anyone interested in the "goings on" of FL horses and FL horse people), are welcome to join! When you join, please submit an introduction so we can all get to know you! For more information, please contact the list manager, Debbie Button, at Have fun!

sphofl - restricted
This is a mailing list for the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Florida. This list is designed to provide an easy medium for members to communicate with each other concerning events and issues related directly to Standardbreds, SPHO, and SPHO-FL. For more information on SPHO or riding Standardbreds, e-mail the list manager, Debra Sweger, at


This list is open to anyone involved in or interested in horses and/or the horse industry in the state of Georgia. Classified ads are welcome (horses or merchandise MUST be located in the state of Georgia). Please feel free to submit notices of events (shows, clinics, etc.) as long as they are in the state of Georgia. Georgia-horse-business owners may post their web-site addresses, etc. And, of course, horse-related, state-of-Georgia-specific discussion is welcome! This list is open to ALL horse ... more


This is the place for horse lovers in Greece! Discuss any breed, any style riding, competitions, trail riding, training, health, breeding, horses/tack for sale, etc.


A way for Idaho riders to get together. Discussion topics: trail riding, western events, english events, training, equestrian activities, in other words horsey stuff.


Email list for Illinois horse lovers. List horses for sale, talk about upcoming events in IL, or just talk horses, problems, accomplishments etc.


Welcome, this list was set up for nothern Indianna, and southern Michigan horse lovers, beginners or experienced, who want to meet more people that share the same love and ones close enough to maybe get togeather in person sometime. Id like to keep this list mainly about the pleasure horse, but some conversation off topic about family or other pets on occasion is welcome. Im expecting differences of opinion, thats how we learn, but lets keep it civilized. Hope to see you soon,and please, feel ...

This is a list for Indiana Walking Horse people. Whether they be breeders, owners, trainers or just interested in the breed. We are dedicated to the promotion of the Tennessee Walking Horse in Indiana


For people in Iowa to go to talk about their gaited horses. Problems with gaits, bits, good places to ride ride in and around Iowa.


Louisiana horse/livestock owners: If you have a horse or tack for sale, trade, adoption, want to place ad about future events or just ask questions, this is the place to do it! This list is owned by: Rescue & Adoption Center for Equine, aka: R.A.C.E, located in Central LA, it is in partnership with HOOFPRINTS and CB Stables. CB Stables is a full care boarding facility that offers beginner riding lessons & primary horse care. HOOFPRINTS is a FREE monthly newsletter containing upcoming LA events, ...


A friendly list of horse people in the Maryland area. A place to discuss our equine friends. Maryland MD Horse People - Tell Your Friends


A mailing list for horse enthusiasts in Western Massachusetts. Discussion of all riding disciplines, horses for sale, horses wanted, equipment/tack for sale/wanted. Trail riding and trail recommendations. Equestrian events/happenings in Western Mass. Organization announcements, etc. No need to have a horse of your own to subscribe! Everyone welcome.


Welcome, this list was set up for nothern Indianna, and southern Michigan horse lovers, beginners or experienced, who want to meet more people that share the same love and ones close enough to maybe get togeather in person sometime. Id like to keep this list mainly about the pleasure horse, but some conversation off topic about family or other pets on occasion is welcome. Im expecting differences of opinion, thats how we learn, but lets keep it civilized. Hope to see you soon,and please, feel ...

For those of us in Michigan who love Missouri Foxtrotters, and would like to share info.... Shows,Trail,Trainers,Saddles,Proper Shoeing, etc,. Anything that you would like to discuss with everyone who would like to promote the MFT in Michigan.

michianadressageclub - moderated
To provide local dressage schooling shows, increase educational opportunities, to increase participation in dressage by junior riders, with an emphasis on accurate knowledge, respect and care for the horse and rider,and support for concientious dressage riders of all levels and ages.

This list if for Michigan horse people interested in discussing equine subjects and getting to know one another. This list will be for sharing stories, posting events and shows in our area, and local horse club information. A great place to meet people in your area who share the same interst--horses


This list is for everyone in the state of Missouri who owns or rides horses. It will discuss horse rescue in the state of Missouri, horses for sale/adoption, stories about our horses, training tips, etc. The list is for fun and education, so anyone who flames or attacks others will be asked to leave.

mqhya - moderated
The Missouri Quarter Horse Youth Association is one of many state equine associations in the world. The MQHYA along with the AQHYA promotes the leadership opportunities both inside and outside of the show ring. A member DOES NOT have to own a Quarter Horse to participate in many of the activities and programs which are available. Check us out if you have any questions, or if you want to make your dreams come true, and learn about the world of leadership in the equine world.


Montana Horses

This list is for the horse people in Montana to get together to exchange info and to post events that might be coming up this summer. Great way to find out where to get some training, show, cattle or trail experiences for your horse. All family topics are accepted. So if you live in Montana or the surrounding states of Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, North or South Dakota- please drop in and add your info on clinics, seminars, Bonders, horse or breed clubs and whatever. Limited advertising accepted, but no spam or flames please. Add your event to our calendar, take our survey, add your favorite pages to our bookmarks!
For more information:

New Mexico

New Mexico Riders

This group has interests from Arabians to Zorses (including minis, mules, and tiger horses); although it began as a place for "New Mexico" riders, any adult is welcome - we have lots of "New Mexico wannabe" members! This is not a "serious" group - we're just a bunch of
e-friends with e-quines. (Actually, it's not required that you own an equine - but you've gotta love 'em.)

New York

A mailing list for Upstate and Central New York equestrians (and their horses)... I decided to start this list to provide (yet another <grin>) way for the CNY/Upstate horse community to connect. You don't have to live in Central New York to subscribe, but conversation should generally pertain to CNY/Upstate horse-related stuff :) You also don't have to own a horse or ride to join, just love horses :)

North Carolina

This list is created for people who either live in North Carolina, or would like to seek out trails in NC. Anyone who loves horses, trailriding,horse camping, or just plain horse talk. You're all invited.

This list is open to anyone involved in or interested in horses and/or the horse industry in the state of NC Classified ads are welcome ( horses or merchdise. Must be located in the state of NC. Horse business owners may post their Web-site addresses,etc


A list for model horse showers in Ohio. Updates on live shows, discussions, etc. Join us even if you don't live in Ohio!

OhioHorsemen - moderated
Ohio Horsemen is a place for fellow Ohioians to get together and talk about their favorite thing. HORSES. Tracing, riding, upcoming events, breeding, you name it we discuss it! So join us for a wonderful horsin' time!

For people and businesses in Ohio that are interested in the Standardbred horse breed, whether as a racehorse or a pleasure horse. Members outside the state are also welcome. Advertising of horses wanted or for sale or adoption are welcomed. No "spamming" or junk mail ads. Within reason, ads or announcements of interest will be permitted.

SOSSHA - restricted
Discussion list for members of the Southwestern Ohio Spotted Saddle Horse Association. For club membership info, write to


This list is open to all horse lovers. Purpose is simply to SHARE INFORMATION, about boarding facilities, vets, farriers, feed, riding trails, events, trainers, shows, horses & tack for sale/trade etc. in the Oklahoma/N. Texas area. Maybe a place to find riding buddies, or discover a new riding trail, or find a new farrier. Whatever, let's just get to know other horse enthuisiasts in our area. News, events, discussion. Shows and sales. Website located at: ...


This is a list that gathers and shares information for horse enthusiasts and equine related business owners exclusive to Washington and Oregon

OHC - Uniting the Oregon Equine people in common cause projects. RE: Inherent Risk Law; Land Use Laws; Support of Vet School; etc. WHAT is happening in the Oregon Equine scene? Event Announcements and hyper-links/URLs are welcome. HOWEVER, No advertising or Attachments are allowed. There are many important issues facing the Equine Industry, and they MUST be dealt with, before we ALL lose many of our rights as equine owners. INVITE other OREGONIANS to join this list: The larger the United group,


This community is designed to bring riders from PA(and nieghboring states) together. You can tell others your favorite places to ride and get together with new friends to ride.

South Carolina

South Carolina Horse Lover
To provide a forum for South Carolina horse lovers to come together and share their experiences, ideas, tips on horse care and management, etc. Basically, anything horse related. Would also like to invite those individuals in SC who would be interested in equine rescue to join. I am in the development stages of starting a rescue organization based in Columbia. Lurking is allowed, but no flaming or foul language. Look forward to meeting new horse lover friends!

Calendar of Equine Events in SC and surrounding areas as well as topics of discussion relevant to the care/training/maintenance of horses in SC


A list where Tennessee horse owners, or enthusiasts can discuss riding, training or just loving their horses. A good place to list horses and tack for sale in the area, and horse shows or events.


A list for horsepeople in SE Texas to post horses and related equipment for sale. Sunscape Equine Rescue also accepts starved and neglected horses with the goal of keeping them from going to the "killers."

Gaitedtexas - restricted
This list is devoted to areas of insite for Texas and the surrounding states Gaited community's. Including Training Tips, Breeding,Showing,TrailRiding,Rules and regulations,including Political information as it pertains to our breeds,Tennessee Walkers, Racking,Missouri Fox Trotters,Spotted Saddle,and other gaited breeds.

Promote safe and fun trail riding by providing information to North Texas horse and mule riders/drivers.

TexasMorgans is a list for those Texans who own or admire The Morgan Horse. The list exists for the purposes of discussion and sharing of information on bloodlines, history, horses for sale, new foals born, and all things Morgan. We will expect members to exhibit good manners appropriate to our fair State; no flaming allowed.

We raise Fox Trotters. We stand 7 studs for breeding with World Champion blood lines. We have colts and yearlings for sale. Show quality mares and trail riding horses. I am on the board of Directors with the Southwest Chapter of Missouri Fox Trotters Horse Breed Assoc. of Texas. We welcome all discussion on horses and would like to hear from other Texas Breeders and owners. Also trailriders or people that like to show horses. PAM

This list is for anything equine related and happening in Texas. This is a place where riders of all disciplines can get together and discuss riding, training, upcoming events and activities; anything occuring anywhere in Texas - (shows of any discipline and breed, rodeos, places to trail ride, clinics, sales, pennings, ropings, for sale and rescue information, etc.). Just a nice place to get together with other horse people in Texas and learn what's going on around the state and to discuss all

For the individual owners and breeders of Thoroughbreds, come and talk to about pedigrees, stallions, feed, cross breeding, TB's for sale and problems you might encounter with your TB. And let's not forget about all the good things they can do, stories, how you use and train them. Since Texas has the largest number of ownes and breeders, let's talk about us small guys, network and share. Anything about TB's is welcome, but please no flaming.


VIRCnotice - announcement
Sign up to receive periodic announcements about the events and activities of Vermont Icelandic Riding Club (A Club for Icelandic Horse owners in the Northeast US). You will only receive email from me - the secretary - and only occasiona


This list is for those interested in creating a National Show Horse Club in Virginia. The purpose of the club would be to promote the breed and hold NSH horse shows in Virginia. If you have an Arab, Saddlebred, or National Show Horse or just have an interest in the breed, and you live in Virginia, please join this list!

On September 4th, 1999, the Pinto of the Virginia's (PintoVAS) was established. With the acknowledgement of 22 members and the election of appointed officers along with a sector director, we were officially able to initiate our charter club to represent both the states of Virginia and West Virginia. We are a 501c (non profit organization) and are in the process of applying for our PtHA (Pinto Horse Association of America) charter. We are listed as sector 21. If you would like to join PintoVAS

This is a list for people all over, but especially Virginia, who love to ride, train, and enjoy their horses. Mostly trail riding and pleasure riding oriented, lots of gaited stuff, but all breeds are welcome. No insults or spamming, flaming, all that nonsense, this is a list for people to get together and share their wonderful horse experiences. Please subscribe, it's gonna be a lot of fun!!

The VAHorses list is for all horses owners, riders, breeders, and anyone else interested in horses in the Old Dominion. Donkey and mule owners are also welcome. Virginia issues and events are the primary focus, but people from other states are welcomed to join us. Discussion of training methods, places to ride, networking, making friends, posting announcements, and questions are welcome on the list. Fridays are classifieds days. You may post horses for sale, tack, equipment, trailers, and any

To further the interest and enthusiasm of Arabian Horse fanciers particularly in the Virginia area. This list will strive to be something special for everyone who hopes to someone have an Arab to those who actively show. Basically all things Arab are joyfully embraced here. With that in mind, all posts are to be respectful. Any flaming will be dealt with swiftly.


This is a list that gathers and shares information for horse enthusiasts and equine related business owners exclusive to Washington and Oregon

A community created to promote, share or just spread the word on upcoming Equestrian Events in Washington state. This list is for all types of events for all ages and breeds. Sorry no rodeos or 4-H events will be listed.

PeninsulaHorseSports - restricted
A communication list for members of the Peninsula Horse Sports Club. We are a group on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State dedicated to using the horse in the sport of driving. We meet on a monthly basis for a meeting/drive/ride, and fellowship with each other potluck style!

This list is dedicated to helping hooved animals in need in Washington state. It has been formed to encourage communication between not-for-profit rescues and individuals who rescue hooved animals. This list can be used to discuss transportation, adoption, care of, fostering, placement etc. of rescued hooved animals. Please keep in mind that this list is being provided as a service to people interested in hooved animal rescue, the list owner is not in any way profiting from this list and asks

West Virginia

This is a list for people in West Virginia who love horses to get together. It doesn't matter how you ride, if you show or not, or even if you have a horse right now.... As long as you love horses and want to make new friends, your more than welcome to join our cyber trailride!

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