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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Any of the following of John Tesh's Albums make for GREAT choreography!  Click on the links to hear samples or to order.

Avalon- a little bit of everything, even a spicy kind of beat
Discovery- a passionate album full of splendid harmonies
Dream Scape-a magical journey of colorful music
Forever Yours- romance at it's finest
Full Moon - no wolves here!
Grand Passion- ahhh l'amour
Live At Red Rocks- this one will send chills up your spine
Monterey Nights - a soulful and sultry album
Passionate Piano - the webmaster's favorite!
Serene Sounds - calm and soothing, for an elegant ride
Smooth Elements - a true new age album
Sound Scape - an album with a variety of moods
Victory-The Sports Collection- fast paced action, good for "pumped-up" type feelings
Windham Hill Retrospective- calm, soothing, beautiful music
Winter Song - A crisp, fresh, musical composition

Top Gun Soundtrack Danger Zone, Take My Breath Away...need we say more?
Yanni: Live at the Acropolis A lovely medley of breathtaking music with great walking beats.
Memory of Trees Gorgeous Gaelic inspired music, great for Irish Draughts or sport horses.
The Mask of Zorro SoundtrackIf you have an Andalusian, consider riding to some of James Horner's classical spanished influenced ideas.

Not quite your cup of tea? Go ahead and search for your own unique theme song :-)


If you find a great one, let us know and we'll add it to our recommended list!


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