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All American Horse game
 This a horse game on the internet.  This game is kid safe!

All Game Horse Show

The Annual All Game Horse Show is a great success!!!! We all are having a great time hosting the show at our game and are looking forward to upcoming shows. We hope to see you all there!

Apple Brook Farm
Hunter Jumper Sim Game

Ashley Oak Farm
SIM GAME If you would like to board your horse at Ashley Oak Farm just tell me what boarding plan you want and send me a SIM check. For example: to: so and so from: your name e-mail: your e-mail for: horse,supplies, boarding fee amount: total of what you bought for more info on Ashley Oak Farm go to: 

Black Brier
Black Brier. If you run an association, please join this list! It will be used to keep you current on new things for associations, and rules and that kinda stuff. :-)

Bellaville Horse Farm- restricted
This is to Bellavillehorsefarm members! Kids only!

Bell Boots 
The popular cyber equine game Bell Boots. Find out more!

Club Sim Horse is a cyber-barn game. 

cyber-horses - restricted - announcement
This list is for members the Cyber-Horse Farm. Cyber-Horse Farm is a place were YOU get to look after your very own Cyber horse(s) and enter them in shows, train them and lots more. to become a member e-mail


 Debti is a race track RPG in which members can 'race' their horses. This list is to inform Debti members of updates, and allow members to interact.

Dream Horse Club

Our aim here is to create a friendly, realistic, safe environment in which horse lovers - young and old alike - can have fun while learning about and enjoying the virtual world of horses.

Horse sim game, Fleeting Glory.

HoofBeats is a cyberbarn game in which its players' dreams of owning and showing their own horses comes true. HB members gain experience in owning a horse and barn by playing in the game, for they trade, breed, show and train horses, become vets, own associations and businesses, all the time learning new information in the equine field.


 Play the best horse game on the Web. Own, breed and sell imaginary horses. Run shows and meet new horse lovers!

Hi! Welcome to Horsin' Around(HA)! If you love horses, this is the place for you! This is a really cool SIM (pretend) horse club, the very first one to have a domain name (! You can trade, sell, buy, make up, breed, show, race, feed, and just about anything you want with your horses! It's totally safe and no foul or profane language is allowed

The Horse Racing Club(HRC) is an interactive email club where the members can own, race, and breed Thoroughbred race horses. This list is restricted to HRC club members, if your interested in joining the club check out our web site.

Maple Creek

The Maple Creek digest is for players of the cyberbarn game, Maple Creek. It is under new ownership, and is now ready for playing!

SilverShoez SIM Horse Game!

trot - restricted
TROT is the original Cyber Santiara cyber horse game, and is a popular, fun and realistic game that prepares you for the horse world! Check us out at or go to to see our homepage!

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