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1824 Therapeutic Riding Catalog - therapeutic riding centers use many specialized pieces of equipment, not readily found in tack stores; 1824 has gathered together the most commonly requested of these into a convenient, easy to use catalog

North American Riding for the Handicapped AssociationThe official site of Therapeutic Riding in North America.

American Competition Opportunities for Riders with Disabilities, Inc. - calendar of shows for riders with disabilities, quarterly newsletter

Freedom Rider - a catalog for the challenged equestrian

IPEC Courses for Judges and Classifiers of Riders with Disabilities - courses to train dressage judges to judge dressage for riders with disabilites, and a course to teach physical therapists to classify riders with disabilities using the International Paralympic Equestrian Committee classification system

Alabama, US Louisiana, US Oregon, US
Alaska, US Maine, US Pennsylvania, US
Alberta, Canada Manitoba, Canada Perth, Australia
Argentina Maryland, US Portugal
Arizona, US Massachusetts, US Prince Edward Island, Canada
Arkansas, US Mexico Quebec, Canada
Belgium Michigan, US Rhode Island, US
Bermuda Minnesota, US Saskatchewan, Canada
Brazil Mississippi, US Scotland
British Columbia, Canada Missouri, US Slovakia
California, US Montana, US South Africa
Colorado, US Nebraska, US South Carolina, US
Connecticut, US Nevada, US South Dakota, US
Delaware, US New Brunswick, Canada Spain
England  New Hampshire, US Sweden
Florida, US New Jersey, US Tennessee, US
France New Mexico, US Texas, US
Georgia, US New York, US Utah, US
Germany New Zealand Vermont, US
Hawaii, US The Netherlands Victoria, Australia
Idaho, US Nicaragua Virginia, US
Illinois, US North Carolina, US Wales
Indiana, US North Dakota, US Washington, US
Iowa, US Nova Scotia, Canada West Virginia, US
Ireland Ohio, US Wisconsin, US
Kansas, US Oklahoma, US Wyoming, US
Kentucky, US Ontario, Canada  


Special Equestrians - a therapeutic riding program serving the physically & mentally challenged, Indian Springs, AL


Little Bits Riding Club - Alberta, Canada


Special Equestrian Riding Therapy, Inc. - California, US

Sunwolf Farms - equine facilitated mental health programs, freeze branding services, horse camping and motel, California, US


DND Equestrian - the equine/trauma survivor connection, Colorado, US

Normandy Farm and Stables



Great Strides Therapeutic Riding Center


Horses N Heroes of South Florida - an inclusionary riding program offering English instruction to able-bodied and disabled children/adults, special needs can be accommodated, family participation is encouraged, Florida


Carousel Riding Center - our therapeutic riding program serves the disabled citizens of Central Georgia


Reins of Life Therapeutic Horseback Riding - our goal is to conduct a program of therapeutic horseback riding for persons with disabilities in north central Indiana, US


Hearts and Horses a therapeutic riding center in Scarborough, Maine, US


Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation, Inc. - a non-profit working horse farm of therapeutic challenge and reward for the disabled, Massachusetts, US


Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding CenterA Therapeutic Riding center in Missouri

Magic Moments Riding Therapy - a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding program for the developmentally disabled, Missouri, US

New Hampshire

Pony Farm - riding lesson program, hunter horse shows, handicapped riding program, workshops, clinics and getaways, New Hampshire, US

New Jersey

Helping Horseshoe Therapeutic Riding Club - a unique riding program for the emotionally or physically handicapped, New Jersey, US

New York

Patchwork Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. - recreational therapeutic riding for people with disabilities; trails, camps, wheelchair accessible, loads of experience, New York, US


Hopewell Farm - equine-assisted mental health services provided, including team development for busineses and community groups, Ohio, US

River Cities Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. - RCTRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to equine facilitated therapy; we also provide able-bodied lessons, aquatic therapy, 4-H education, and scouts; donations are welcome, Ohio, US


Adaptive Riding Institute - providing recreational horseback activities and related services to people with disabilities, Oregon, US

Project Agape' Institute - a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to using therapeutic horseback riding as a proven method of increasing the physical, mental, emotional and developmental capabilities of disabled persons, Oregon, US

RideAble, for Equestrians with Disabilities - Oregon, US


The Capital Area (Pennsylvania, USA) Therapeutic Riding Association


You've Got To Have Heart - a non-profit organization that provides recreational horseback riding for handicapped and special populations and their families, Texas, US


Hoofbeats Therapeutic Riding Center - Virginia, US

West Virginia

Kids N'Bits - a therapeutic riding program serving disabled children in the Charleston, West Virginia (US) area


Stable Hands, Inc. Therapeutic Riding Program for the Disabled - Wisconsin, US


Integrated Therapies

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